“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.” Caesar Chavez, American Civil Rights Activist

HEALING VOICES was released in more than 130 communities internationally in the spring of 2016 via world premiere screenings and community dialogues produced by our local partners.  This event marked the beginning of a unique vision for the film’s theatrical release – a progression of grassroots and major-market screenings, built off a global launch which demonstrated to our partners, and audiences, a specific intention for how the film should be used:  as an opportunity for communities to come together and explore the multi-layered social issue of “mental health.”  Since then, screenings have continued in earnest, and these events have done more than raise public awareness.  They have mobilized the creation of peer support groups, student groups, hearing voices groups, and more, as well as follow up events to continue the conversation.

HEALING VOICES will be released on home video via direct distribution on May 2, 2017, marked by a new global screening event entitled “RECOVERING COMMUNITY”.  This event intends to expand the scope of community dialogues from “mental health” to a broader, public health focus, by bringing together demographics including addiction recovery, disability, holistic health, LGBTQ2SI, social justice, spiritual communities, and more, to explore the intersection of these issues in society.  Event packages include one-time public performance rights to screen the film, a digital marketing kit for event promotion, webinars with our social action team, access to exclusive content, the option for “time-zone specific” live simulcast Q&As with producers and subjects of the documentary, special offers on bulk DVDs, and more. Book your event license today to bring this social action event to your community, or contact us for more information.

Together, we are changing the conversation.