Above:  HEALINGVOICES on Hollywood Theatre marquee in Portland, OR.  Photo courtesy of Bob Nikkel.

As many of you reading this are aware, we at Digital Eyes Film have been working on HEALINGVOICES for a long time now.  Cobbling away like little elves into the wee hours of night.  As anyone who has been a part of one can attest to, independent films are non-linear, unpredictable, fascinating journeys.  It’s simply par for the course.  Sadly, at the end of the road, many projects never quite make it to their intended audiences, or even see the light of day.  So I’m writing with good news. 

At a private screening in Boston this past fall, we announced our plan to premiere HEALINGVOICES in the spring via a one night, grass roots, non-theatrical release.  Now I realize that’s a lot to chew on.  Here’s what it means:  On April 29th, HEALINGVOICES will screen publicly for the first time, at world premiere events produced by community “screening partners” around the globe.  Screenings will be held at independent movie theaters, in churches, and community centers.  Colleges and universities.  Living rooms.  One night dedicated to more than just releasing a movie, but rather:  bringing audiences together, into a context built for dialogue, to discuss the highly complex and multi-layered issue of mental health.

Over the past few months we hosted a handful of private screenings to discuss the release, and to begin engaging audiences with the film.  We’d like to thank everyone involved in Boston (MA) and Portland (OR) for being a part of very memorable experiences.  Asking questions and inciting the type of dialogue we hope HEALINGVOICES will spark.  For anyone in the area, you are welcome to join us on Tuesday, January 26th for a private screening at the Mark Twain House in Hartford (CT).  We currently have more than 25 confirmed screenings in cities across the US for April 29th, with many more in the queue, and increasing interest coming from overseas.  I encourage you to read the Huffington Post article, to post our trailer on social media, and to share the film with those you know whose lives have been touched by mental health issues.

We know there are a diverse set of opinions about mental health, or what is commonly referred to as “mental illness” in society.  Our mission is to deliver a message of hope and healing to those who are suffering, their families, and those who have dedicated their lives to this work.  It’s 2016 and I think we can all agree there is some healing to be done.  It’s a good year to make some changes.

– PJ Moynihan, Writer/Director