HEALING VOICES screening events have mobilized people around the world to challenge the dominant narrative that “mental illness” is a chronic, life-long disability. The goal of the film is to promote an understanding that experiences such as anxiety, depression, hearing voices, manic states, unusual behavior, and so on, are often temporary and in many cases a natural response to trauma, life circumstances, or social and environmental factors. The film suggests that we should seek meaning in these experiences, as a reflection of deeper issues that need to be addressed in our lives, our communities, and society.

We believe that a culture change in mental health will arise as the accumulation of countless little things. There are opportunities in each of our day-to-day lives to be a Healing Voice. These could be Personal actions, Community actions, Professional actions, Financial actions, or Political actions. “Taking the Pledge” will mean something different to each person. Click below and email Heal@Voices.fyi and join a campaign to create a hopeful, healing paradigm shift in mental health.